Getting Ready

In just over three weeks, I will board an Amtrak in San Jose CA heading for Washington, D.C. and the Delaware coast, the start of my walk across America. Yes, you heard me right – that Washington, D.C., the one with two feet of fresh powdery snow. Brrrr. Yikes!

Not to worry. For the past few months I have been training daily, poring over maps and guidebooks, and building spreadsheets that detail what I might do and where I might be over the next eight months. Am I totally ready to hike 4,000 miles? Will the trip unfold exactly the way I planned it? No, of course not. But I went to college for ten years, so I am compelled to tax my cardiovascular system, do hours of homework, and build spreadsheets to convince myself all that money was well spent. Without Excel and Google Maps, I’d be just another hobo shivering in the snow.

Google battle plans – Eisenhower. He knew.

The recent El Nino rainstorms have the San Benito River flowing nicely through Hollister CA, reminding me why I want to do this hike.  I want to do my part to build a county recreation trail and regional park next to the river so the coming generation will have a first class outdoor playground that will make them even prouder of where they live.

SBR 11 1-23-16

I love rivers and streams. They are the blood vessels of the planet, moving, both on the surface and beneath it, the water that makes Earth alive. They nourish and shape and clean and scour. They build our beaches, polish our canyons, refresh our oceans. And they sing if you listen – in rhythm with the flow of time.

I hope you have an outstanding series of days in the next month. If you have a minute at the end of the day or over your first cup of coffee in the morning, check in here to measure my progress back to California. Sometimes it will be fun and sometimes crazy and sometimes just plain hard work – that’s life. I promise not to give up. How about you? Are you gonna help?

Let’s build a trail together.

Peace, Love, and Battle Plans,



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