Introducing Bobalooie

This is Bobalooie, my BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller which I will begin pushing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean on February 21. Bobalooie will carry my camping gear, winter clothing, food, and water to spare my ancient feet and knees. Think they’ll see me coming? ‪#‎reachacrossamerica‬

Think seriously about making a pledge today (if you have not already done so).  Can’t fit it into your budget right now? Maybe you know somebody who can. Spread the word. Get your friends and neighbors and co-workers fired up. We want to build a regional park and recreation trail in San Benito County CA for kids of all ages. Quality of life!

This is NOT a go fund me site to pay for my walk! Every dollar goes straight into the endowment fund and all donations are tax deductible. Do what you can. Chip in.

Bob 3

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