San Juan Bautista Sunday Hike

The best place to train for a long hike in San Juan Bautista CA is unquestionably the 8-mile Juan Bautista De Anza Trail. It has significant enough elevation gain both ways to get your heart and lungs going plus it is unfailingly beautiful all year round.

It does get a little messy up there when it rains a lot like it has been lately, so I’ve been experimenting with different road routes to keep my miles up and my shoes clean. The one I did Sunday I am calling the San Juan Hills Palomino Loop de Loop. It’s a circuit hike with two loops that comes out to about 10 miles total, according to my Smartyphone app, with a good bit of up and down. I threw in some Super Saiyan calisthenics for good measure.

Here’s how it goes. You can start anywhere on the loop, but since I live at the Mission Farm RV Park on San Juan-Hollister Road, that’s where I began. I walked from there over to the Mission and headed straight for the set of stone steps that lead down the San Andreas Fault scarp from the rose garden. There are 22 steps. So I charged down and up 10 times. That’s 440 steps. Then I went back down another 22 steps and walked the path behind the Mission and over to Verutti Park. I did my best to do some pull-ups on the monkey bars. I’m old. I suck at pull-ups.

From there, I went to the Luck Library and used a sturdy bench for a set of 100 crunches. Then I took a left on Monterey Street and walked to the cemetery. There are many ways to do the hills here. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but be sure to go all the way around the cemetery once and up and down the two steepest hills once each. Then head over to Abbe Park and crank out 25 push-ups. I’m much better at push-ups these days than pull-ups. Pull-ups are hard.

From Abbe Park, walk over to Washington Street, go under the highway, and walk the hill up to the water tank. It’s a good one. Nice views from there, too. On the way down, throw 100 Super Saiyan air punches, alternating hands. You will look very silly doing this, but hardly anybody is around up there most of the time. Say hello to the goats grazing around by the corner lot. They don’t care if you look silly. They don’t even know what silly means.

After that, cruise 4th Street to The Alameda and scoot cross the highway. Keep going until you get to the “Y” and turn left like you’re going to the St. Francis Retreat. At the Amycel/Mansmith corner, turn left on Mission Vineyard Road and then left again on San Juan-Hollister Road. That will put you back where I started. Congratulations, you are halfway done.

Do it the whole thing over again and you should be feeling pretty much ready for lunch. A biggo Sunday lunch with all the fixings.

SJB 1 1-31-16

Good day for a walk! I feel strong like a Super Saiyan peace warrior.

Peace, Love, and Three Weeks to Go,