I’ll be honest. This trip is going to be LONG. I have been a little worried about the beginning of it for two reasons. One is the weather this time of year on the east coast. Two is my financial margin of error is slim. I spent a good bit of money this month to get ready to go, so any extra expenses would not be good right now.

So when I learned today that Amtrak wouldn’t let me take Bobalooie the Joyful Three-Wheeled Toy Hauler on the first leg of my journey from San Jose to Emeryville (no baggage car on that train, too big to carry on), I was concerned. I thought, “oh boy, there goes another hundred dollars shipping it across the country via UPS.”

I thought “hundred dollars” because that’s about what it cost to ship my bike from Boston to Dallas at the end of my ride in 2014.

Imagine my surprise when I learned at The UPS Store in Hollister CA this afternoon that to box and send Bobalooie to Lewes DE in 2016 it was going to cost THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! Ugh!

But THEN imagine my even GREATER surprise when store owner Steve Nami offered to cover the entire cost as a mind-boggling, magnanimous contribution to REACH Across America!! I’m not kidding, my heart started to race. I had to make myself calm down so I wouldn’t start flopping on the floor and having seizures. I was happy, but in a dangerous way. What good would it do to send Bobalooie to Delaware if I was heading to an emergency hospital in California?

Fortunately, a few deep breaths later I was feeling much better, smiling like a kid at Christmas, thank you for asking.

All this is to say I can’t believe what a cool operator Steve Nami is and how grateful I am for his out-of-this-world generosity. I’m inspired to say the least. And a UPS Store customer for life.


Peace, Love, and Gratitude,



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