Just Plain Winter

Waxing Gibbous Moon

After yesterday’s Rocky Mountain winter showcase, the farmlands of Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois provided less than spectacular viewscapes.


I know that by the time I arrive in May, this place will be poppin’ with green corn plants and spring flowers. Right? Somebody please tell me I’m right. I won’t be walking through THIS, will I?


The highlight of the day so far was crossing the mighty Mississippi River, but, you guessed it, even that was comparatively bland. We need a tad more direct sunlight up here, folks!

The good news is we’ll be in Chicago in another hour or so. I will change trains there for the ride to D.C. and get a chance to stretch my legs for an hour or so…after three days on the Zephyr, I’m ready for a new seat.

Peace, Love, and Saddle Sores,

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