The Cardinal in a Coal Mine

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The train from Chicago to D.C. is called The Cardinal. It’s all one level like a commuter train and it’s been pretty packed full o’ people all the way. With about six hours to go, crammed in with other Monterey Bay sardines, I sort of wish I had been able to take a shower or two the last four days. I believe the expression is “Eww.”

I slept through the Ohio part last night except for Cincinnati. The Ohio River front and the Bengals’ football stadium there are beautifully lit at night. I will stroll right past them in the daylight on my walking trip.

The highlight of today was (and still is) crossing the Appalachian Mountains. Along the Kanawha River are coal processing plants and a silicon smelting plant. Big industry. Makes you wonder about the condition of the water in the river though. Are the rules being followed? Are they even effective?
How could we know?




Peace, Love, and Baseline Measurements,

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