TV Star

Full Moon

There’s a first time for everything, including television interviews. It was pretty fun, but who is that old man running around the country pretending to be me?

My first day on the trail was an easy and fast 12.3 miles under a partly cloudy sky with a nice temperature of 62 degrees F. Couldn’t ask for anything better. I need to shave some weight and get more efficient in packing up Bobalooie, but that will come.


Tonight I have the good fortune to stay in the comfy home of trail angels Serinda and Reese Conner of Milton DE. Serinda is the Trail Coordinator for the state of Delaware. Great folks with lots of hiker-friendly knowledge.

I will keep my mileage down this week to build my conditioning back after the train ride and to see how my feet hold up on all the pavement.

Lewes DE is a really cool beach town with a ton of history and clean, well-marked bike lanes everywhere you go. I would love to spend more time there some day and just lollygag around the historic district.


When I get a chance, I need to recap my arrival in Washington D.C. with my wonderful hosts in North Bethesda, Peter and Marilyn Schoettle. So stay tuned, sports fans.

Peace, Love, and Del-aware,

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