Full Moon

Instead of pushing Bobalooie today, I accepted the Conners’ invitation to slackpack the next leg of my walk.

What is slackpacking, you might ask. I left my gear at their house, except for a light daypack, and walked to Redden State Forest. Then they came and scooped me up and took me back to their home for another warm night by the fireplace. Tomorrow they will take me and Bobalooie back to Redden to resume the hike. That is slackpacking.


I spent a little time in Milton DE this morning. It’s an old shipbuilding town on the Broadkill River. A very quiet and clean peaceful little burg.


The walk was uneventful, on backroads through forests and farm fields, on a sunny, brisk day. Lots of entertaining farm junk every so often.



In the state forest was a Delaware Rest Area hahaha.


At the end of 13.5 miles, I found a nice little covered pavilion to wait for my ride.


Tomorrow the weather is going to turn cold and rainy. I’m afraid the honeymoon may be over. Uh-oh.

25.8 miles in the bank so far. Only 198 hiking days to go.

Peace, Love, and Slacking,

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