Ground Rules

Waning Gibbous Moon

Before this thing gets completely out of hand, I think I should spell out the ground rules of this endeavor. I am not setting out to do a thru-hike of the American Discovery Trail. Please don’t say that I am. Very few humans have hiked the whole trail as designed by the founding fatherdudes. Those hikers deserve a lot of credit for their accomplishment. Out of respect, I won’t put myself in their category.

What I AM going to do if the Good Lord is willing, etc. etc. is to walk a continuous footpath from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. I will use the ADT as a guide, staying on it when it makes sense for me to do so and creating my own hike when it doesn’t.

That will end up being approximately 4,000 miles when all is blogged and done. Just call me a coast-to-coast hiker if you have to call me something.

And, of course, I am trying to convince viewers like you to pledge some of your pennies to the cause. Regional Park. River Parkway. Regional Park. River Parkway. Say it like you mean it.

End of ground rules.

Today’s hike to Bridgeville DE was four and a half hours of steady cold rain. All I will say is it didn’t completely suck. For instance, I liked this:


And I was perplexed by this:


And I was confused by this:


Right now I am hanging out at Tony’s Pizza and Pasta on Main Street while I wait for Del and Gail to get home. They, like me, belong to Warmshowers dot org, a hospitality network for touring bicyclists. They graciously agreed to host me indoors tonight – even though on this trip I am merely a touring strollerist. I think I just made up a new word, if not a new sport.

My hiking shirt and vest and fleece jacket, which I wore under my rain gear, are very, very damp. As my body cools down to normal, I’m starting to get pretty uncomfortable. I wonder if Tony would let me stand next to the pizza oven for about an hour. If not, I may go into full bore chattertooth frenzy by the time this day is over. I could use a warm shower, please. Hold the dot org.

Today’s miles: 14.4
Trip miles: 40.2

I only have to do what I have already done 99 more times to get to the Pacific. Come on, Springtime!

Peace, Love, and Nor’easters,

4 thoughts on “Ground Rules

  1. Got it! on the Coast to Coast distinction. Interesting how definitions evolve. Sorry for the cold and shivering state of being. People are kind, he’ll let you stand by the pizza oven, I bet. Good going, Jim. We’re here. Val


    1. The distinction is for the benefit of the elite hikers for whom I have the utmost respect. What we are doing is improving the lives of our friends and their kids. That’s way cool, too 🙂


  2. This is such fun, calling it my couch hiking….how will we cross the Chesapecke Bay? Or the long way round? Suspenses too!
    Have a warm night!


  3. Following along is a great vicarious experience, Jim. I watch the national weather report in a whole new window of thought. Jim West asked today about you, and I gave him the website. He’s headed your way in a couple of months and figures he could bring you supplies. Told him to call Don. Monday, or so was the anniversary of the Donner Party rescue… we’re all on stand-by! Val


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