DonE with Delaware

Waning Gibbous Moon

Tornado warning tonight….holed up in a Best Western in Denton MD. Safe and sound.

I have walked across the state of Delaware. Ta-da! It was flat and only one dog chased me the whole time. That’s what I call a great state.


I did have a little encounter with the po-po in Bridgeville, however. Some horrid person with nothing better to do than stare out his or her window and imagine everyone is evil imagined I was absconding with someone’s infant on Main Street in the rain.


He or she called it in and I looked back to see a squad car with its flashers on creeping up on me. Inappropriate laughter slipped through the grin on my face.

“They told me this would happen,” I said to the tall, young, teutonic officer with the enormous bulletproof vest.

“You don’t have a baby in there, do you?” he semi-seriously queried. “I have to check.”

More laughter. I untied the 2 feet by 3 feet gaudy REACH Across America banner to prove to all of Bridgeville that their fears would have to wait for another day to come true.

I did not share my fear-is-a-severe-waste-of-everyone’s-time-on-Earth theory with the nice officer. Instead I gave him my REACH card and asked him to pledge for the cause.

Haha. Get pulled over while stroller touring and hustle the cop for a donation. Now THAT takes gigundo huevos, ladies and gentleman.

He got a kick out of Bennie Benitoite. Just for a second he looked like a little blonde kid in a big boy bullet-proof vest when he looked at Bennie. Then he thanked me and said, “Okay. Good luck.”

Del and Gail were terrific hosts last night. They fed me and I listened to their kids play music, we talked a bit, then I hit the sack. Hard. I slept 11 hours straight.

This morning I was right back at it. I slipped out of B-ville in a hard warm rain, taking an alternate route to the Maryland border to avoid the slick clay and mud road Serinda warned me about.

It kept raining until 11:30, just before I entered a new state. Then the wind got crazy. Bobalooie is not too easy to push straight when sideswiped. My upper body got the harder workout in today’s 18.7 mile jaunt into Denton MD. Too much too soon? Probably. See how I feel tomorrow.


Peace, Love, and DonE,

8 thoughts on “DonE with Delaware

  1. Jim, I’m so enjoying this vicarious journey across the country with you…from the comforts of San Juan! Crossing the Mississippi was a highlight. Love your humor and positivity, which will serve you well as you deal with the po-lice, mad dogs, rain and wind. Thanks for the history, geology, etc. lessons along the way, too. Enjoy your “walk in the woods,” and be safe.


  2. Jim, I’m so enjoying this vicarious journey across the country with you…from the comforts of San Juan! The amount of prep time you invested both physically and mentally before the trip even began is apparent, and hopefully it will all pay off. Love your sense of humor and positive attitude — which will certainly be an asset on your trek. Happy trails!!


  3. Jim , My dog and I ran into you early on your trip threw Delaware you asked me where Sweet brier rd was , and you told me your plan . I want to wish you good luck again ! We will be checking in on your adventure daily , and will support your cause .


  4. Hi Jim! I feel like I should know more about Bennie Benitoite than I do. Perhaps you could feature him in a future blog entry so your new readers and I don’t have to buy a copy of “Who’s Who Among America’s Most Influential Strollerists’ Mascots & Sidekicks”. Here’s hoping the news is all good and continues to be entertaining!


    1. Sheesh! I’m walking my hiney off, trying to write two blogs, dodging tornadoes, and now I get a homework assignment! If you find a copy of “WWAAMISM&S” get one for me πŸ˜‰


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