Inside the Beltway

Third Quarter Moon

I am inside the beltway, at least I think I am. After 16 miles on a warm sunny day, I’m camped at the Greenbelt Park National Park Service Campground a hop, skip, and a jump from the DC/MD border. It feels good to be in an actual park in a designated public camping area. Your tax dollars paid for my hot shower and subsidized my Senior Parks Pass that got me a half price campsite, you Democratic Socialist you.

Thunderstorms with 35 mph winds are predicted for tonight. We’ll see what my tiny tent is made of pretty soon. Since I got here about 4 p.m. the campground has been buzzed three times by helicopters and sirens have been almost non-stop. DC is crazy!

I spent some time today on two pretty cool trails. The East Coast Greenway is a quiet, tree-lined, paved bike path protected from the street traffic for miles. The ECG Alliance is trying to link paths and byways in a continuous bike route for the whole east coast.


I also walked on a partially finished rails to trails project called the WB&A Trail.


Greenbelt is a high-powered community on the edge of DC that celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012. It is home to the NASA Goddard Space Center.



When I got to the park, I was greeted at park headquarters by Juanita. We pretty much both suck at selfies.


Tomorrow I will walk through Rock Park and past the National Zoo and cross Pennsylvania Avenue. If I see President Obama, I am going to challenge him to a game of one on one on his home court. I really like our President, but I think I can take him to the hole.

Peace, Love, and Post Moves,

4 thoughts on “Inside the Beltway

  1. DC, one of my favorite cities. I need one more trip there to feel I’ve seen it all, yet to get to the national garden, can you believe it.
    Also had three peeps till me, they pledged….I feel like I’m nagging, but it must be working. Hope the feet are holding up, and don’t you dare walk by a foot massage and not stop! A simple pleasure urban areas have to give. You deserve it, and your pups will thank you! Feel the support drawing you home. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  2. If we might be able to provide a little trail magic in WV, let us know. We are closer to the Ohio River side, near the North Bend Rail Trail. We will be following along.


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