Chisel Branch Camp

Waning Crescent Moon

Brrr. I’m just going to post some photos from today’s walk – Great Falls to Chisel Branch Camp on the C&O Canal Towpath. My fingers are cold and I have to work fast!

First, eternal thanks to Peter and Marilyn for taking such good care of me. Seriously, I would have struggled mightily for the past two weeks without them. A thousand blessings!


I left Great Falls rested and well fed, ready to tackle the rest of the Maryland section.


It was cloudy and cool all day, good weather for walking. I made another 16.2 easy miles along the flat, smooth surface.




There are designated hiker/biker camps every 5-10 or so miles. Here’s my camp at Chisel Branch.


The air temp is dropping fast. Sunset was nice on the Potomac.


Gotta get zipped in my bag. Gonna be a cold one!

Peace, Love, and Shivers,.

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