The Nicest People

Waning Crescent Moon

On the C&O I have met some of the nicest people of the trip so far. It started with Miles and his wife early yesterday and continued with a string of happy, interesting people today.

Grace and her family were especially helpful and very supportive of the cause. Then several others stopped their Sunday hikes to find out what the heck I was doing.

I get a real boost from these kinds of encounters. It is so good to know there are other folks in the world trying to do the right thing.

Last night was crazy cold. The ground in the camp was wet, a chilly wind blew steadily off the water, and around midnight it started to sleet. Yeah. Sleet. Like ice from the sky.

I pulled out all the stops. About seven years ago I bought a synthetic sleeping bag liner, but I have never used it once. My Marmot Helium down bag is usually enough. But last night I deployed every stitch of stuff I had and I still wasn’t totally protected. It wasn’t the temperature, at least I don’t think so – 29 degrees F isn’t THAT cold. It was the damp conditions.

I probably could use a thicker sleeping pad. Inside a cabin with a roaring fire.

The scenery began to get a little monotonous today. Overcast and cloudy alternating with partly sunny combined with denuded trees for 17.5 miles equal I wish it were Spring!

Fortunately, today I met all those cool people who lifted my spirits 🙂

I passed the ferry to Leesburg VA. It’s really difficult for me to turn down a ferry ride, but I gotta make miles.


This place is almost completely overtaken by Ma Nature. Ashes to ashes.


A nice couple pointed out this eagle nest to me and made me promise not to tell where it is. My lips are sealed. They are also quite chapped.


Imagine this trail with green leaves and sunshine. I’m a month or so early for that. I had to start in winter to reach the Sierra Nevada in fall.


Tomorrow I will be in Harper’s Ferry for a resupply and hopefully a warm bed. A warm bed.

Peace, Love, and a Warm Bed,

4 thoughts on “The Nicest People

  1. So sorry to hear how cold-to-the-bone it’s been. Hopefully your respite in Harper’s Ferry will warm your toes and re-energize you for the next leg of the journey. Happy to hear you are meeting such nice, responsive folks! Happy trails.


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