Good Day Sunshine

Waning Crescent Moon

The bad news: don’t ever camp at Calico Rocks Camp in late winter. Boggy wet ground next to a busy railroad track tends to make me grumpy I guess. The beer bottle litter doesn’t help!

The good news: a half mile away and just over the tracks in Point of Rocks MD is “Deli on the Rocks.” I awoke famished, so I was customer number one as soon as they opened at ten a.m.


By the time I finished eating a #4 platter with coffee, OJ, and two bottles of clean pure water (I’d been drinking silty nasty river water for two days), the Sun had blasted all the clouds away and warmed things up.


Yes! No jackets, vests, gloves, or Buffs. Just a pleasant walk along the canal in my hiking shirt. Full disclosure: I also wore pants.


I had the great pleasure of meeting Charles Phelps today on the trail. Charles will ride his Surly Ogre mountain bike on the Great Divide route this summer to support the City of Hopes cancer research. Good luck to Charles, both on his ride and on his quest for a cure.

After a while, I made it to the outskirts of Brunswick MD. I was attracted to a park near the canal that had both a grass volleyball court and a basketball court. My kind of park. You can also rent kayaks and paddle around in the Potomac in season.


I also crossed a very beautiful aqueduct.


I knew I was almost to my turnoff to the Knights Inn for a little night in comfort when I saw the sign for the Appalachian Trail. I walked on it for about 300 feet. That was plenty for me for this trip. Got other stuff to do right now!


The white “blazes” on the signs let you know where the AT is.


I ordered some pasta and a Caesar’s salad for dinner tonight. It just arrived. This post is OVAH!

Peace, Love, and Calories,

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