Maryland Terrapins

Waxing Crescent Moon

I finally saw some real Maryland terrapins today, sunning themselves on a log near the canal. My Smartyphone camera doesn’t zoom that good. Maybe you can see them. In real life, these turtles are pretty hefty!


After yesterday’s all-horizontal zero day television fest, I was recharged and ready for a long walk. This was my longest one yet, at 19.4 miles. Pretty soon I think I’ll be ready to start doing 20s. Then I’ll know my trail legs are finally back.

Williamsport MD was a great place to zero. Within 100 yards of my cheap room at the Red Roof Inn was a murderer’s row of food places to destroy one bite at a time.

I ate at Waffle House twice and the apparently nameless Chinese food place and the Subway once each. I skipped the McDonalds and the Pizza/Sub/Calzone joint. My focus was on eggs, waffles, orange chicken, and fresh vegetables.

And, of course, the ever-entertaining Waffle House employees.

I loved it when Shalishice (not her real name, but close) poured my coffee and called me “Baby.” Life simply doesn’t get any better than that.

And Lala the fry cook, with her geisha girl eye makeup and “WH” black visor, spinning six ways to Sunday, nonchalantly multi-tasking, slopping out orders and still finding time to flirt with every ugly old fart and skinny hungry gamer at the counter. Lala is a genius of sorts, really. How does she do it?

On a side trail from the Towpath today, I found a nearly decomposed grist mill known as the Charles Mill. It was just barely hanging on.


Looking out over the Potomac, I recalled a grade school story about one of the founding daddy-dudes who supposedly threw a silver dollar across this river – might’ve been George Dubya.

I have to call Palomino poop on that one, ladies and gents. Nobody ever threw anything across this river. Not George Dubya, not Ben Franklin, not John Elway, not nobody. It’s way too far.


Dam#5 is cool. Stonewall Jackson and his boys tried several times to blow it up and make their Union counterparts pitch a fit, but they couldn’t do it. Nice try, Stonewall.


Overall, I had a happy day today. Hope you did, too.


When I finally stopped walking, I spread out my groundcloth and lay down to rest. Here’s what I saw.


I’m going into Hancock MD, another trail town, tomorrow to check out the visitor’s center/museum and see what I can see.

Peace, Love, and Waffles, Baby,

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