Little Orleans

Waxing Crescent Moon

Rain, rain, rain. Rain all day. Just keep walking. It’s okay.

I had to talk myself into my rain gear and onto the trail today. It wasn’t cold, so that was good. And it wasn’t pouring, just a light steady shower, so it could have been worse. And I wasn’t tired or sore, so I really had no excuse to not go.  So I went.


I actually maintained a pretty good attitude most of the day, but from time to time, I started to lose it. That happened the few times I began to feel cold. Wet I don’t mind so much. Wet and  cold gets my goat.


I played some games with myself when the weather threatened to “undo my yoga,” as my friend Mindy says. I paid very close attention to my path, trying to see as much as possible.

I found a cool feather. For a second I considered keeping it, attaching it to Bobalooie somehow. Then I decided that it was silly enough to push a stroller named Bobalooie across a continent. I didn’t need any ornaments. So instead I stuck it in a tree and thanked the anonymous bird for letting me enjoy its feather for a minute. And walked on.


I continue to be amazed by C&O Canal rock work. I love this stuff.


Lots of animals were active in the rain today. I saw nine more deer, four turkeys, and innumerable ducks, geese, squirrels, woodpeckers, and cardinals. I also noticed a small rockfall on the other side of the canal. I love rockfalls. I wish just once I could be around (safely, of course) to see one happen.


Because it was Sunday, I expected to see many hikers and bikers, but I guess the rain kept them home. In 18 miles I only saw two bicyclists. I had my very own private hiking trail.

When I got to 15 Mile Campground near Little Orleans MD, I was very wet and not too enthusiastic about crawling into my tiny tent. You might imagine my glee in finding out that nearby stood Bill’s Place and the Little Orleans Lodge.

Just across the canal and under the railroad bridge from the soggy campground is Bill’s Place, your basic roadhouse tavern. Covering the ceiling are hundreds of glued-on one dollar bills. On the menu is a 4-piece chicken dinner with fries and applesauce for $5.75. Cheap. Good. Slurp. Gone.

And just a few tenths of a mile across Fifteen Mile Creek and down a little hill is the Little Orleans Lodge. It’s not fancy, but these frisky horses greeted me as I walked down the road, so I knew it would be alright.


A hot shower and a warm bed are exactly what I needed. More rain is forecast for tomorrow. It’s okay. I’m dry tonight.

Peace, Love, and Rooftops,

3 thoughts on “Little Orleans

  1. Where in the world can you get 4 piece chicken meal for $5.75? I am there. On Saturday my son and I went to IHOP, I had there chicken meal (not good) it was close to $12. Jim I am glad you had a dry night. Good luck today.


  2. Jim, I was at a Green Businesses meeting today and David Huboi was talking about you and your trek. Reach Across America w/Jim will be on “Going Green” along with Repair Our Roads, as soon as we can get studio time at CMAP. I gave David your cell# , so don’t be surprised at a call. Chin-up! Val


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