Goodbye to Maryland

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Maryland, especially the C&O Canal, was outstanding. I was treated with kindness everywhere I went. The images of the Towpath will stay in my mind for a long time – the locks and the stone work and the Potomac and the wildlife. I don’t think I have ever seen/heard so many different kinds of birds.

Birdcall Morning – Joe Walsh

Today was all about turtles. I counted 54 of them between Paw Paw Campground and Oldtown. All but a few of them plopped into the water when they saw me coming. Incidentally, I was told these are not terrapins. Terrapins (duh, terra) live on land. Turtles live on land and in water. These are turtles I suppose.


I was dragging my feet when I got to Oldtown and was disappointed to learn they had no motel. My tent was soaked from last night’s rain and my legs were dead. Finding out that the Schoolhouse Kitchen was open picked me up. Finding out I could order breakfast at one in the afternoon was even better.


This place used to be a real school, but a big flood in 1985 damaged it, so some cool folks bought it and turned the cafeteria into a dining room. Rita and her staff are awesome people and the food really hit the spot. Great place to celebrate the end of the American Discovery Trail in Maryland 🙂

Now to tackle some real topography!

Peace, Love, and the C&O,

One thought on “Goodbye to Maryland

  1. Probably the hardest part of the eastern ADT journey is the hill up to Dolly Sods and the hill just after Parsons, WV. Best of luck.


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