Keyser and Holding

Waxing Gibbous Moon

It’s been 105 miles since I took a day off, so tomorrow will be a zero. I will snore and snooze and drool and lounge in my luxurious quarters at the Keyser Inn. Very reasonable. Very clean and comfy.

Today was one long up and down push on US 220 S from Cresaptown MD to Keyser WV. Along the way, about 8 miles from the WV border, I met two more really nice Maryland folks.

I feel bad that I didn’t ask for their names. My brain gets a little fuzzy when it’s time for a rest day.

The first person was a gent about my age who was walking down his driveway to get his mail as I was passing by on the opposite side of the highway. He crossed over to ask me about my sign and to tell me some hiking stories. He slipped me a ten dollar bill and wished me luck. Wow. The kindness of people just floors me sometimes.

A few minutes later, a lady came down her driveway to greet me. She had seen me earlier in the morning when she was in her car and wanted to know what this poor old guy and his stroller were doing. Ha! I explained the whole thing for her and she blessed me with good wishes and offered me some water. Again, kind people just lift you right up.

Conclusion: Maryland rocks!

Just before reaching the Potomac for the last time, I came to the Chat and Chew Restaurant. I stopped. I chewed. But I didn’t chat much until I was done chewin’. A few more nice people asked about REACH and wished me well.


Right next to the Chat and Chew was a car wash with some unique roadside artwork. At least that’s what I call it. I love random stuff like this.


Entering West Virginia was fun, on a nice long bridge over the Potomac River. Even the light misty rain didn’t dampen my spirits.


Keyser WV is an old railroad town with a college campus and a young vibe. Wind turbines visible on a ridge overlooking town add to a positive, forward-looking atmosphere. About a hundred people waved at me from their cars as I walked down the main drag. For real. A first rate friendly place.


I am going into serious horizontal mode for the next day. Sleep and NCAA hoops and more sleep to celebrate 350 miles.

My final four: Maryland, Oregon, West Virginia, and Michigan State. I picked Michigan State over Maryland for the title. Denzel Valentine is my kind of player.


Peace, Love, and Spartans,

2 thoughts on “Keyser and Holding

  1. Enjoy your rest, Jim. We’ll probably get a little rain over the weekend, but nada mas. I bought a lightly used Husqvarna riding mower today, delivery on Monday, and intend to tear up the hillside! Best, Val


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