The Unspeakable Horrors of March Madness

Waxing Gibbous Moon

My NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket got destroyed yesterday. I only picked 23 of the 32 games correctly and two of my Final Four picks were eliminated in the first round.


This is a national outrage. Heads should roll. Fire the cheerleaders, the University chancellors, the team chaplains, and the poor saps who launder the uniforms. Burn the uniforms. Smear the coaches from head to toe with bacon grease and turn them loose in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Make the players read “Wuthering Heights” and wear tutus. Clean house. Clean their clocks. Clean out their desks.

Peace, Love, and Seriously, Man,

6 thoughts on “The Unspeakable Horrors of March Madness

  1. Calm down, if it was your brackets that you are worried about. Never forget your prize. Think of all the pioneers ahead of you, such as Grandma Gatewood who was the first women who walked the AT at the age 67.
    She was also fundamental in the Buckeye trail in Ohio in which you’ll be walking on.

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    1. March Madness is the theater of the absurd in which I invest a silly but sincere yearly interest. I have correctly predicted the Final Four exactly once in my life (1983). Don’t worry. I’ll keep walking 🙂 As for Grandma Gatewood, I’m pretty sure she was tougher than any of us. She would laugh at my touring stroller!


  2. I saw that two of your finalists lost. Sorry, Jimbo. Let’s take them to task! Love, Diane

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  3. Dear Overlord of Bracketology, please let what remains of my dear friend Jim’s bracket march unscathed towards the sweet sixteen, the elite eight and the final four. But given that, my the over-looked, the under-rated, and the geeks, like Yale, prevail! Amen and Shazam, Craig


  4. Enjoy your rest. I am just so impressed with your journey. Want you to know, I did try yesterday to see about donations at Mission CafĂ©, owner was not in & then I got busy with my tax business. I’ll try to get in today or Monday. I’ll keep you posted, Cf

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