Terra Alta Alta Terra

Waxing Gibbous Moon

After a pleasant breakfast at Wendy’s Towne Restaurant inside the Oak-Mar Motel complex, I set out to ride the plate tectonics roller coaster from Oakland MD to Kingwood WV.



Oakland has a nice greenspace park with a well groomed bike trail that goes all the way to Morgantown WV. I was a little grumpy starting out because it was in the low 30s and the wind was gusty.


But the park was uplifting and so was the spritely young lady who jogged by. She was a Boston Marathon veteran, an experienced distance runner who stopped and took the time to chat for a minute. That cheered me up. I like Maryland folks a lot.



My Googlie Maps route took me along Fingerboard Road and through Garrett State Forest with a “Kindness Demonstration Area.” I don’t know what that is, but I’m for it.


Eventually I entered West Virginia again, arriving in Terra Alta, a half mile high, where I stopped for lunch at the Dairy Queen.

Man, it was good! Maybe the best DQ burger ever cooked! As I was leaving, the counter girls asked about my trip and insisted on giving me eight bucks. That’s big cash on a fast food job budget. I know. I worked at Dairy Queen myself when I was young. These ladies are awesome.

After Terra Alta, the terra got alta-er. Long long steep curvy switchbacks led up to a crazy three-mile 9% grade down to the Cheat River. Then it was back up a steep climb into Kingwood and down again to the Heldreth Motel.

Heldreth. That sounds like something or someone from the Harry Potter books.

Runaway truck ramps are everywhere in these parts. They should have runaway Bobalooie ramps, too.


My poor old senior citizen joints took a pounding today for 20.5 miles. I’m going to eat and go to bed, hiding inside again from the overnight freeze. Hurry up, Spring.

Peace, Love, and Heating Oil,

6 thoughts on “Terra Alta Alta Terra

  1. Great job doing 20+ miles today, cold and hilly. Enjoy the warm bed tonight, spring is coming. You will be glad to hear it was cold and windy in Hollister today.

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  2. Just curious. but have you been in contact with Rails to Trails Conservancy? They are a lobbying organization who sole purpose is to create trails. Their website is railstotrails.org.
    As my hero said (Jill Homer who just broke the women of the Iditarod Invitational) “Be Brave, Be Strong”. It is cold in those mountains and Spring come a little later.


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