Betrayed Then Rescued

Full Moon

I didn’t intend to walk 24.6 miles today. It just happened. If not for the grace of my new best friends, the Huff family, it would have been 27.6 miles. Dr. Googlie, you have some’splainin’ to do.

Googlie Maps, usually pretty reliable, betrayed me. What they said was 0.7 miles over Wilson Ridge turned out to be much much more. I had planned to do about 23 today but I was up to 24.6 when I finally topped out and reached Hwy 119. Three more miles into Grafton WV? I don’t know if I could have done it or not before dark. The hills really sapped me.

Just then the Huff family drove up in their beautiful silver Dodge Ram truck. We talked about Reach Across America for a bit and they shocked me with an on the spot twenty dollar donation. Then Keith and Eli helped me hoist Bobalooie into the truck bed and Amanda kindly agreed to drive us into town to drop me off. What nice people! The Rescuers!

I gobbled down a chicken and rice Mountain House dinner – a first for me – not bad at all – and I will soon be in deep slumber. But first, here are a few photos from today.

Two of Bobalooie’s cousins taking a Sun bath.


A cool tree on a cool farm.


I ate a burger at Chuck’s Store in Newburg WV. Mighty good.


Nice walk along the Laurel Run River with rail cars loaded with coal chugging by.



Weird big concretions (?) In shale beds on Wilson Ridge Road.


Okay. That’s all folks. Passed the 400 mile mark for the trip. I only have to do that nine more times and I’ll be home 🙂

Peace, Love, and Ibuprofen,

3 thoughts on “Betrayed Then Rescued

  1. OMG, Jim — 24.6 miles today?? Thank goodness more trail angels happened to mosey by. We’ve been led astray a few times ourselves by Dr. Googlie. Don’t know which device you have, but Apple maps has proved more reliable for one of our kids when the two others and their parents have not arrived at the same destination thanks to googly-eyed Google maps. So is West Virginia “almost heaven” as John Denver claimed?
    Happy trails.


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