North Bend Rail Trail

Waning Gibbous Moon

Today was a good day from beginning to end. Not great. Not spectacular. But good. There were a few hairy bridge crossings on US 50 going through Clarksburg but they were over pretty quick. The nice wide shoulders and gentle grade more than made up for that. So did the 60° sunshine.

About 12 miles of highway walking got me to Wolf Summit and the start of the North Bend Rail Trail.

North Bend Rail Trail


The trail is mostly old gravel railroad bed with some muddy/grassy areas cutting through or along private property close to US 50.


What is nicest about it is that it’s almost completely flat. After humping up and down over the West Virginia mountains and hills, this small relief is a big relief!


I walked through the first westbound tunnel after a few miles on the trail – it was okay – it was good – but a tunnel is going to have to be pretty incredible to beat the Paw Paw Tunnel and this one just didn’t compare. Am I forever spoiled by the PPT?





Yes, I think I am spoiled. The PPT is so much better. The tunnels on the NBRT are supposed to be haunted, though, so I guess there is still a chance for one of them to tip the scales.

Yes. That’s right. I am challenging the NBRT tunnel haunts to scare the jelly beans outta me sometime in the next couple of days. There. I said it, right here on the Weird World Web. Spook me, Casper.

My goal for today was to find a good place to camp near Salem WV. And what do you know, the Edgar Mathey Shelter appeared at the right place and time. If I had read the web site more carefully, of course, I would have known about it. Nothing fancy, but a flat tent site, a covered table, and a clean pit toilet will fill the bill.



As I was getting settled in camp I met a friendly horsewoman astride a spirited young horse as they passed by. Samantha Lewis is training her horse to compete in 50 and 100 mile ultramarathon races this summer. I spaced out and didn’t get a picture of them. Here’s wishing Samantha good luck on her personal challenge. I really liked her graceful little steed.

I wonder if the Easter Bunny will leave me some candy tentside tonight. Or if maybe instead the Tunnel Ghost of Easters Past will toot sad train horns and tug on my groundcloth – woo woo!

Peace, Love, and Jelly Beans,

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