West Virginia Angels

Waning Gibbous Moon

I had been looking forward to meeting Sharon and Paul Weekley for about a month – yesterday I finally had the opportunity. Paul is a retired letter carrier for the US Postal Service and Sharon is a retired middle school Math teacher. Sharon is also the ADT coordinator for West Virginia. Together, they now raise cattle on their beautiful property near West Union WV. They share their elegant home with scraggly hikers young and old.


Paul took me on a tour of their land in his Honda Pioneer “side by side” ATV before dinner. From the very top of the property, where the family cabin sits, you can see for miles in every direction. I learned about a pest that is attacking the ash trees and saw a little bit of what they do to keep track of their 90 or so head of cattle. They are smart people who live in tight connection with the nature that surrounds them. I was completely impressed.

Their generosity in feeding me and giving me a warm, dry place to sleep on a cold, rainy night was saintly and well-timed. I really can’t thank them enough.

The second day of the NBRT featured the Sherwood Tunnel and several miles of level, mostly repetitive fast track grass and gravel. The tunnel was cool and the landscape showed signs of color returning to trees and ground cover.



I’m pretty sure this is where the haunts hide. I did not go in there, man!


Sharon surprised me on a warm afternoon by driving up and bringing me an ice cold bottle of water. I was dragging at that point. Great boost!

The towns of Salem and Smithburg, both right on the trail, have taken steps to preserve the railroad history of the area and to provide their citizens and touring strollerists with places to recreate. The old train stations are pretty cool.



Salem had a trailside lending library.


I approve.


Today I moved on to Ellenboro WV where the nice people at the Sleep Inn once again let me stay for their Friends and Family rate. I am a huge fan of the Choice Hotels chain for their unselfish actions on behalf of Reach Across America. Bless ’em!

Tomorrow I will check out the North Bend State Park. After that, only two days until Ohio!

Peace, Love, and Movin’ On,

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