Who Ya Gonna Call

Third Quarter Moon

I passed the 500-mile mark for my hike today with a 23.6 mile amble along the western segment of the North Bend Rail Trail.



The first town I came to was Cairo (spelled like Egypt, pronounced like syrup) WV, home of the Trailside Diner, which features a $5 breakfast and a pretty funny proprietress who likes to walk around in railroad tunnels at 3 a.m. in the morning. Not to be confused with 3 a.m. in the afternoon.




Her stories were so scary that I could barely force myself to enter the next tunnel, even though it was only 0.25 miles long and I could see the sunlight pouring through the other end.


Of course, I once again cheated death and lived to tell the tale.

The rest of the day was far less intriguing, but more productive, cranking out the flat, easy miles on the NBRT. The towns of Petroleum and Walker were super tiny, offering nothing remotely as cool as Cairo’s Shemp’s Ice Cream Shop or a convenience store cleverly disguised as a bike shop.



I did manage to find a house I can afford, finally, in Cornwallis WV.


I am too pooped to say much. It’s going to rain in the morning, so I wanted to get as close to Parkersburg WV as I could today. Then I’ll race about 11 more miles tomorrow to the Red Roof Inn – tomorrow I get a new pair of shoes! OMG OMG OMG, I need them BAD!

Peace, Love, and My Ghost Dogs Are Barking,

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