What Would You Do Two

Waning Crescent Moon

I am rested and packed and ready to walk. It is 38 miles to Athens OH on US 50 with no legal camping or shelter in between. Two 19 mile days and I’ll be there. Can do. I just have to find a church or a fire station or a friendly Ohio citizen to allow me to camp on their premises overnight.

Better check the weather.

Hmmm. Cold front passing through tonight. Possible thunderstorms with 40-50 mph winds and an overnight low of 28° F. Kind of a crummy night to be on the ground.

Better check the TV schedule.

Hmmm. NCAA semifinals. Oklahoma versus Villanova. North Carolina versus Syracuse.

Hmmm. Camp in a freezing thunderstorm versus luxuriate in the Red Roof Inn watching hoops.


Well, you can go for a walk in that mess if you want, but I’m staying put.

Peace, Love, and Nail-Biting, Heart-Stopping, Last-Second, Halfcourt-Heaving, Over-Time Thrillers,

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