Coolville, Daddio

Waning Crescent Moon

I’m in Ohio! Coolville, Ohio to be exact, camped in the backyard of the Coolville Fire Station. The EMTs in the station could not have been nicer when I rolled up at 5:10 p.m. at the end of a 20 mile walk. They even offered the use of their restroom and some leftover dinner.

I had just eaten my third breakfast of the day so I politely declined the leftovers. And I casually peed in the yard cuz I’m a guy. (TMI, probably.)


Crossing the Ohio River was easy because of the safe pedestrian lane on the bridge. I had a good view of Parkersburg WV’s recreation trail alongside the river. Very nice.



On the other side, Belpre OH is pretty small, but it has TWO good breakfast restaurants. The one I ate my second breakfast at was cozy and good with a really sweet waitress. She told me about the other place where she cooks sometimes. I passed it on the way out of town.


Anything named after redwoods has to be good.

The rest of the chilly but sunny day was spent walking on the wide shoulders of US 50 which in Ohio is called the Appalachian Highway. It is strikingly clean compared to the other states I walked through. Hey. Ho. Way to go, Ohio 🙂

Eventually, I made it to the sign for Coolville. If you make it big in smalltown high school sports in Ohio, you get big props. I remember that from my bike trip. If I make it to Point Reyes in one piece, I think San Juan Bautista should put up a sign that says “Home of Jim Ostdick, coast to coast touring strollerist 2016.” Righteous!


Gonna rain tomorrow. Twenty wet miles into Athens OH to see the Hocking Adena Bikeway.

Peace, Love, and Clean Highways,

3 thoughts on “Coolville, Daddio

  1. Are you planning to hike to Old Man Cave? If so you should put a flower on Grandma’ Gatewood’s plaque. She was instrumental in the Buckeye Trail. Welcome to my home state of Ohio, and lets go Bucks.


  2. I’ve been to Ohio a lot in 37 years but, never that part of the state. It is a pretty place to visit. are you near any Amish communities? I thinks they would treat you generously.
    thanks for all the pictures and history.


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