Rain Rain Go Away

Waning Crescent Moon

Come again some other day when I am far from here.

The morning started out fine. I left the Coolville EMS Station early, passed by the Coolville Public Library, and crossed the highway to the Cool Spot.



The Cool Spot is a Go Mart gas station with a convenience store and so much more. In the very back of the c-store is the entrance to the actual Cool Spot, a deli/cafe. I didn’t know about this feature until I got there so the excitement built as I realized I was going to get a hot breakfast to start my day’s walk.

There is no cafe in the actual town of Coolville. There is Larry’s Pizza and Larry’s Barber Shop and Larry’s General Store. But no Larry’s Cafe. Larry is a busy guy, but he doesn’t have his priorities straight. No breakfast? Come ON, Larry!

The Cool Spot, as it turns out, serves EXCELLENT blueberry pancakes and bacon with coffee and OJ for $8.95. This is a steal. I was on cloud nine.

Outside, cloud ten began to turn loose all its firehoses. When I left the Cool Spot, I walked right onto the wide shoulder of US 50, now known as the US Wet Spot.

Good Lord, it rained for hours and I, of course, got soaked. I must have looked pretty dirty and pathetic in my sopping wet rain gear because truck after truck attempted to treat me to a complementary shower.

Passing by at 60 mph, their trailers full of who knows what payload, the truckers of Ohio sprayed the strollerist of California with an asphalt/roadkill cocktail every few minutes for a little over 16 miles.

At that point, I spied a Marathon gas station and pulled in for a dripping breather. Just after I finished some chocolate milk (by Yoohoo) and a ham sandwich (by Yuckham), a dude named John pulled in with his infant son Jason.

John offered me a ride in his SUV the last few miles into town. I thought about it for a few tenths of a second before I said yes and thank you very much. And minutes, DRY minutes later, I was dropped off at the doorstep of the Athens Knight’s Inn.

I do not feel like a knight. I feel more like a refrigerated prune. But a hot shower, a cranked-up heating unit, and some dry clothing are starting to relax my nerves and smooth out the wrinkles.

Okay. Alrighty then. That rather crummy day is over. The men’s national championship is on the toob tonight and I have plenty of time for a pre-game nap.

I am rooting for North Carolina, but I have a nagging feeling that it might be Nova’s year. They’re tough. Great footwork on both ends. But I like the Tarheel running game and their talented bigs. I just hope it’s exciting.

Peace, Love, and Precip,

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