OH Chillsboro

New Moon

Here I am at the Paragon Inn (very reasonable and clean on the west edge of town) in historic Hillsboro OH. I have a sackful of food, a gallon of water, a microwave, and a heater which is cranked up to the “subtropical” setting.

Outside the wind is howling, it is raining from every imaginable angle, and that nasty ole “frozen mix” stuff is due to arrive momentarily. I categorically hate the “frozen mix,” aka “sleet.”


This “hike” is fast becoming a daily scurry from one shelter to another. Today’s port in the storm was in downtown Hillsboro at Wanda’s Grill.

Once again, my infallible sense of breakfast led me to the coolest establishment within a twenty mile radius. Great grub, terrific service, crusty old customers, and Wanda the proprietress. Ain’t she cute?


Wanda’s grandson makes paper airplanes and displays them behind glass under the cash register. There are probably thirty of them down there, each one identical to the one beside it. You can buy an airplane by grandson for a buck. If it had not been pouring down ice rain and wickedly blowing up under down and sideways, I would have nabbed one.

But really, what good is a paper airplane in a dadburn April winter hurricane?

Anyways, I loved Wanda’s Grill and Wanda was as nice as nice can be. This old dude at the counter was even deafer than me. I asked three times if it was okay if I snapped his photo and he never did turn around.


So now that I’m safe and warm, I am faced with what to do to entertain myself for a day and a half before I move on to Milford OH on Saturday. (Saturday is the day when the rain and sleet stops and the projected high temperature is 35° F! Don’t ask me what the F! stands for).

I seem to have lost the ability to watch or to make sense out of TV – not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.  Lately, I can only watch comfortably if I turn the sound off. Ahhh, the “Mute” button.

Watching the screen change is okay for a little while…a peaceful sort of Zen TV…until I become conscious of the fact that doing so is profoundly odd. I begin to wonder if it would be better or at least less odd if I just pressed the “Power” button to douse the visual as well.

It is. Much better.

Occasionally, while resting my legs and napping, I get curious about something and look it up on my Smartyphone. Like buckeyes, for example. What the heck are buckeyes? The juggernaut football program at Ohio State is named after these things.


Go figure.

Time for another nap.

Peace, Love, and Mute Mascots,

4 thoughts on “OH Chillsboro

  1. While you are in that part of Ohio check out Serpent Mound. Also go see a Reds game, great stadium.
    A Buckeye is the state tree. It produces a chestnut like nut that is inedible but the tree is quite lovely and produces nice shade.
    Chillicothe was also the first state capital and the third before it was moved to Columbus permanently.
    So much for my Ohio history.


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