WWYD Three

Waxing Crescent Moon

What would you do? The air temperature was 26°F when I woke up in my home away from home this morning. Wind chill? 13°F. Teeny snowflakes falling down. Everything dusted white.



Walk? Sleep? Go site seeing with a sweet Kentucky angel? BINGO!

My new best friend Carol from Villa Hills KY appeared in her magic chariot and whisked me away for an afternoon of fun.


I got to take a ferry ride across the Ohio River. Ferry rides, as we all know, come in a close second to breakfasts in diners in the doesn’t get any better than this category.


I saw Paul Brown Stadium where the Bengals play football and Great American Ballpark where the Reds play baseball.


I saw the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.


And I ate some righteous German food at the Hofbrauhaus. Yum.

A potentially horrendous day was magically transformed by the celestial queen of Kentucky kindness. I’m forever in debt from my fingers to my toes.

Peace, Love, and Wiener Schnitzel,

One thought on “WWYD Three

  1. Carol has an unexcelled track record of rescuing frantic travellers from California (personal experience talking here). Glad you got to meet up with this sweet lady! Keep on trekkin’, Jim!!!

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