At the Carwash

Waxing Crescent Moon

The good news is that the air temperature was in the upper 50s today, a sharp improvement over the past week. Slightly offsetting that was the nearly constant rain for my seven hour hike. Got soaked, like working at the carwash, yeah. But NOT COLD!

Milford OH has a great rail trail called the Little Miami Scenic River Bike Trail which allowed me to stay out of traffic between Milford and Mariemont. It’s flat and paved and connected to a network of other trails in the greater Cincinnati area. Impressive!


A nice lady who was walking her dog was kind enough to stop and take my picture on the trail. I’m pretty lousy at the whole selfie thing, so I appreciated it!


Mariemount is a classy suburb with a sharp-looking public library and a friendly feel. I looked around in a bookstore for a minute and the old guy minding the cash register advised me to not “push the limit” on my hike. Surely he wasn’t talking about the speed limit. Three mph is about my max these days.



I stopped for a quick sandwich in the Mount Lookout neighborhood. After that, the thunder and lightning started and it really began to pour. As I got closer to the Ohio River, which separates Ohio from Kentucky here, I could see that many areas probably flood on a regular basis. The baseball infields were under a couple of inches of water.

My goal for the day was to get down to the Cincinnati waterfront and cross the L&N Pedestrian Bridge, aka the Purple People Bridge, into Kentucky. I’m sure there’s a story behind that bridge name, but I haven’t heard it yet. To be continued.


Close to the entrance of the bridge is the somewhat famous Flying Pigs thingamajig. This rainy day photo does not do them justice up there in the air on the poles.


By the time I got to the purple benches on the bridge, I had just about had all the fun I could stand for one 21-mile day.


I crossed the bridge without seeing any purple people, made my way to Dave Cowens Drive (a shout out to all my Celtic fan friends – all one of them), and checked into a high rise Comfort Suites compound overlooking the river in Newport KY. All praise to my Friends and Family discount from the nice folks back in Lewes DE. Comfort! Sweet!


Tomorrow I get to ride the Anderson Ferry again 🙂

Peace, Love, and Bluegrass,

3 thoughts on “At the Carwash

  1. Hey, Jim! Happy for warmer temps. For us that’s cool, of course, as it is right now with drizzle. Dampened the Arts and Crafts fair in SJB, but what can you say, it’s Spring! Happy days, Val


  2. Jim, if you still read these, I can help you on the Cincinnati stuff. L&N Bridge is named for the Louisville and Nashville RR company which bought the line that owned the ( at first ) railroad bridge. It has had an interesting history, but I knew it as the Newport Bridge when I was a young kid. Newport has had an even more colorful history. 🙂


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