Southwestern Ohio

Waxing Gibbous Moon

I’m one long day from spending my first night in Indiana since…well…possibly ever. I do not recollect ever sleeping in Indiana. I look forward to it.

Today was a long sunny windy day with quite a few ups and downs, topographically speaking. Lots of green grass.


I accidentally took a picture of my shadow and some of Bobalooie’s shadow. Cinema veritae.


The tendons on the lower outside of my right ankle gave me notice today that I need to pay more attention to them. Ice. Stretching. Elevation. Maybe my ankle was acting up because of the miles I hiked EAST! That’s what I get for following the turn by turn directions. You can’t walk to California very efficiently if you travel east. Grrrrr.

Overall, this was a pleasant day, though,  passing through farm fields and past pastoral country homes with sparkling ponds and well tended chicken coops. Very relaxing.

Except for the directions. If you look closely on the back of the stop sign at Hwy 129 and Hart Road, you can see the American Discovery Trail sticker. Almost all of today’s 21 miles were either north or east. Grrrrr.


I met a cool family from Reily OH this afternoon. Dana is a Physical Therapist and Kip is a Cincinnati police officer. They have two young children, Alayna and Oliver. They took me out to dinner in Oxford (home of Miami University) and said an amazing prayer to bless my trip. Great folks.


Peace, Love, and Kobe Scored Sixty!

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