Cardinal Greenway Rail Trail

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Richmond IN has an interesting Main Street and an “Uptown” in the midst of regeneration. Their courthouse is the star of the show..


But for me and those of my hiking/biking ilk, the coolest part of town is the trailhead for the Cardinal Greenway Rail Trail. This is the longest and, by all accounts, the best bicycle trail in Indiana.

Boy, after all those crazy back road directions in western Ohio, was I ever glad to see a trail!


Richmond was happy I came.


And grateful for my patronage.


This trail has benches you can rest on and frequent trailheads with parking and educational signage and superclean portapotties. They must have all the juvenile delinquent wrecks tied up in a basement somewhere because there is no graffiti anywhere after you leave town.


There IS, however, some cool public art. At least I consider this art. It speaks to me, man.


I was taking a siesta at the Williamsburg depot/rest station when Mark Bradley rode up on his California-made Gold Rush recumbent.



Mark is a GIS Analyst from Indianapolis. He likes to ride his custom bike on the Cardinal Greenway and other Indiana bike trails as often as possible when the midwest weather allows. He is also a heck of a nice guy who shared his club sandwich with me and went way out of his way to snag me three liters of water. Mark gets the Rail Trail Angel of the Month Award for the 18th of April. Bigtime recognition on the World Wide Web!!!

I also met Matt, a cycling friend of Saturday’s World Famous Richmond Savior Group and Randy Crowe, a bicycle commuting machinist from Williamsburg and Michelle, another super fit cyclist and friend of the Saviors. Whew! This day was way social!

In between making new friends, I managed to walk 22 miles and pitch my tent at the Jacksonburg trailhead right behind another immaculate portapotty. Just in time for sunset.


Hopefully, nobody will be upset that I am sleeping about three feet from the trail tonight. I’m tired.

Peace, Love, and Friendly Hoosiers,

7 thoughts on “Cardinal Greenway Rail Trail

  1. We have such an amazing, under appreciated community. Nothing looks better than the courthouse when the sun is setting and shining on the building.
    George Stallings, another friend of the “savior group”, is the reason our rail to trail is so amazing. He is an unbelievable artist using old farm equipment and turning it really cool sculptures. He is also the main guy that volunteers and keeps that trail looking that nice.
    I am glad You got to see how great Richmond!

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    1. Thanks Craig for the kudos. There are MANY great volunteers who spend countless hours maintaining this awesome trial. It is a collective effort. We are very fortunate to have this jewel in our community. We are always glad when others use and enjoy it as we do.

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  2. Palomino..I am glad a sunny Californian visited our Hoosier state . I love them both. Really loved your pics of the Cardinal Greenway, especially just north of of my favorite rides. I know that site in Denver Indiana well. I hope you enjoyed that friendly town… of many in the great Hoosier state.
    Sate travels.


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