Quiet Day Before the Storm

Waxing Gibbous Moon

I slept well next to the portapotty and got a relatively early start. Commuter Randy rode up and gave me a chocolate mint Cliff Bar as I was breaking camp. Awesome!

Before long I was at the Losantville Trailhead. The Blue Moon Cafe in Losantville is no longer in business, sadly, so I shuffled across the highway to the Phillips 66 station, hoping, hoping, hoping for hot food.

Yes! Inside the small c-store, way at the back, is a counter that sells breakfast sandwiches, subs, and pizza. Not as good as a sit-down meal at the Blue Moon, I’m sure, but they do have picnic tables out back by the dumpsters. Ick, you might say, but what the heck, I stink, too. Who needs ambience when you’re dirty and ravenous?

There was an ADT sticker on the Losantville Trailhead, plus a picnic table and running water. I didn’t care for the taste of it, though, so I loaded up on bottled water at the c-store. Not taking chances on drinking water.


The sky was overcast all day, creating a moody silence. Rain is on its way tomorrow and the whole countryside seems to be getting ready for it. It’s still looking good, though…just muted.


I floated along on automatic pilot. After that big social experience yesterday, today was remote and isolated. I saw a few bikers and walkers here and there, but mostly everyone was kind of somber. I kept myself focused by rolling from one mileage marker to the next. Spaced a half mile apart, these boulders are pretty sharp.


I took a 20-minute nap midday on the bench next to some more bike art.


Eventually I ended this uneventful day by hitching from the trailhead to the Super 8 in Muncie IN. Yes, THAT Muncie. Home of the Ball State University, three guesses and the first two don’t count, Cardinals.

Peace, Love, and a Hot Shower,

2 thoughts on “Quiet Day Before the Storm

  1. Hi Jim,
    I got to say I love all the public art, that is the way it should be. Now we got to get our San Benito Community behind the idea.
    Good luck tomorrow, happy trails.


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