Hustle Up

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The forecast called for thunderstorms and I was feeling really worn out when I awoke in Muncie this morning. I was tempted to roll over and sleep the day away.

Instead, I forced myself out of the room to the Super 8 breakfast area. After a waffle, some yogurt, a banana, juice, and coffee, I gained enough momentum to get my hiney in gear.

Timing is everything. I was only walking for fifteen minutes or so when Larry drove up in his red pickup. He asked, “What can I do to help?” Ten minutes later, after a brisk ride holding Bobalooie securely in the truck bed, I was back at the Cardinal Greenway Rail Trail. Larry theTrail Angel!

The Greenway is discontinuous between Gaston and the road to Gas City. You have to road walk to Matthews and finnagle your way around some uncooperative farms to get back on. Not a huge hassle, but a hassle.

I stopped for lunch in Gaston at the Mill Street Inn – a Sloppy Joe sandwich and fries with iced tea for seven bucks – and hit the road. I could see the clouds building to the west. Time to hustle up.



The rest of the day was just head down, beat feet, make miles. I stopped in Matthews to take a picture of yet another closed family restaurant and grab a blue gatorade at the BP station.


There were no further highlights, sports fans, until right at the end. Another trail angel by the name of Norm carted me from the Mississinewa River east to the Super 8 up by the interstate, saving me extra out-of-the-way miles. Think my luck will hold up when it’s time to go back to the trail?

Fortunately, all that hustle allowed me to beat the weather. I hope it rains all night and gets it over with.

Peace, Love, High, Spry, and Dry,

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