I’m IN Denver!

Waning Gibbous Moon

Denver, Indiana, that is.

I barely have a signal here, but I’ll try to post.

The Circus Museum in PEE-roo was closed. On Saturday. Go figure.


But the Nickel Plate Trail was open over the Wabash River and lots of Peruvians were participating in the Tiger Trot 5K.

In Peru I met cycling Jim from Indianapolis who was in grad school at IU in 1976 when the Hoosiers went undefeated. Nobody has done that since then in men’s NCAA basketball.

Later I also met cycling Ron who is a local trail volunteer. He told me I could camp near the baseball/softball park in Denver. That’s where I am now, in my tiny tent underneath a classic Hoosier hoop.


I hit the 800 mile mark today. If I can get all the way to Rochester tomorrow, I might celebrate with a zero day. Feeling a little run down tonight. Gee, I wonder why?

Peace, Love, and One Bar,

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