Rail Trails Rock

Waning Gibbous Moon

The national rails to trails program that converts old railroad beds to hiking and biking trails is fantastic. It provides communties with opportunities to join together and build something they can all use and benefit from. It connects nearby communities in ways they would otherwise not imagine. It spawns trailside businesses and partnerships. And it draws visitors to use the trails, support the businesses, and learn about the local cultures.

I spent my final day on the Cardinal Greenway Trail walking from Gas City through Marion to Sweetser. I had not seen a cardinal anywhere on the trail from Richmond. Mostly I saw and heard redwing blackbirds. So it was kind of fun outside of Gas City when I began noticing little birdhouses next to the trail and shortly thereafter, lots of cardinals. Do they like custom homes?



Before I forget, when in Gas City, be sure to eat breakfast at Jackie’s, just east of the Mississinewa River. Yum!

(I know, a restaurant recommendation for a city named gas may seem unappetizing, but Jackie’s rules!)


The sky spit light rain at me all the way to Marion, but I didn’t mind too much because the trail kept me out of the city traffic and there was a lot to see.

Like this Earth Day baby, Lil Ms. Natural.


And a mini-tunnel.


And the coolest bike rack ever.


Marion is home to Indiana Wellesley University (IWU) and it seems to favor an active outdoor life. They have a small water park right next to the trail. That’s got to be a big summertime money maker.


The Cardinal Greenway ends just outside Marion and the Sweetser Switch Trail begins.


The rains have brought out some color locally.


At the town of Sweetser is a depot of sorts with nearby eateries and displays. It’s obvious that this town had a lot of pride.



Next I will walk the Nickel Plate Trail through Peru (pronounced PEE- roo) to Rochester IN and beyond. Peru (not pah-ROO) is home to a national circus museum. I hope it’s open when I get there, I hope I hope. The Circus is in town!

Peace and Love, To Be Continued,


2 thoughts on “Rail Trails Rock

  1. The Cardinal Greenway is actually named after the train (The Cardinal) that ran from Chicago to Cincinnati on the rail trail you walked on. The rocks with the mileage refer to distance North and South from city to city.

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