The End of the Nickel Plate

Waning Gibbous Moon

I enjoyed another warm sunny day on the Nickel Plate Trail into Rochester today. Lots of animals – turkeys, squirrels, mallards, cardinals, robins, redwing blackbirds, kitty cats, doggy dogs, moo cows, sheep, and a Palomino. This trail is not quite as nice as the Cardinal Greenway, but it’s still pretty smooth.


Just south of Denver yesterday, I crossed the Eel River on a bridge with an ADT marker.


From Rochester, I get to travel in a more westerly direction for a change. When people ask me where I’m going, I say, “California!” And they say, “Really? Why are you walking North?” And I say, “Because I don’t know! The Turn by Turns don’t turn!”

At each intersection on this trail there is a sign that tells you the name of the cross road or town.


And a sign that lists the trail rules. Ya can’t say they didn’t warn ya.


At the end of the trail is a nice new gazebo and a huge parking area. Well done, Nickel Platers.


From inside the gazebo, you can see what used to be.


Rain is coming. I’m going to play it by ear in the morning. If it’s pouring kitty cats and doggy dogs and I can get my Friends and Family rate at the Quality Inn, I just might sleep Monday away.

Peace, Love, and a Rain Check,

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