Bruce Lake Manor

Waning Gibbous Moon

Holy fish story, Batman, what a whopper!

Really, this is true. This is what happened. No lie.

I left Rochester this morning with a limp, my @#*^#¤☆ right knee aching and noisy. No idea why. I think it’s biochemical. Maybe it’s biopharmaceutical. It could possibly be biometaphysical. Who knows?

Two sheriff cars passed me on the lonely back road named 100N. Everything and everybody on 100N is lonely.


I was on this lonely road for three hours and even I was lonely. I passed a cool lonely horse farm.


I passed a classic lonely Indiana farm house.


Then I caught up to the cop cars parked at crazy angles in front of a not so classic Indiana hippie hut. The folks there did not look lonely. They did look guilty, though. I didn’t stop to take pictures.

A woman was standing outside an SUV across the street by a cornfield talking on her cell phone. She looked and sounded positively pissed off. And guilty. Two fat guys were with her, silent, stupid-looking, like it was a normal guilty day.

The deputies were in the yard in front of the hippie hut with two guys who looked like ZZ Tops rejects. One of them had a beard that was a foot long, gray, and potentially full of WMD. A deputy was keeping a close eye on him, right hand resting on his pistol butt.

I the ever-touring strollerist, pushed Bobalooie right on through this cluster@#*☆. I waved at the deputies and they nodded. Longbeard smiled real friendly and acted like he was going to walk over and find out what the heck REACH Across America was, but then he thought better of it. That hand on the pistol butt was kinda twitchy.

I kept going because that’s what I do. I was never so glad to be back on a lonely road away from those guilty nutwads.

Eventually, I made it to the turn for Bruce Lake or is it Lake Bruce? It’s little and friendly and I like it.


I turned down the driveway that said “Hoosier Hideaway” and met Tom the owner almost immediately. Cool guy. 65. Very laidback. Within minutes, Tom was an expert on REACH Across America and he offered me a free stay in the “Sunset” cabin on the premises. Right on Lake Bruce or is it Bruce Lake? Excellent!


I feel really lucky to be here. I’m not sure it’s going to rain tonight, but if it does, I am inside and I am warm and I am dry.


I just wish I had a fishing pole for a little sunset angling adventure before bedtime. But you know, you can’t have everything.


Peace, Love, and Fishing Resorts of Sorts,

One thought on “Bruce Lake Manor

  1. And those cool cops might have had another man along the side the road for fishin’ without a license! Could happen…..really gotta watch those “out of towners”. Another great read!

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