Oops, Wrong Monterey

Waning Gibbous Moon

Just for a second, maybe less, my heart tried to skip a beat, my breathing stopped, my eyes fluttered, I thought, I wished, I hoped it could be true.


This sign made me homesick. What I would give to look up and see an otter bobbing in the kelp. Pelicans flying in formation. Snowy plovers skittering on wet sand. The restless sea.

I am determined to get home.

Today was cooler, cloudy, windy, and 24 miles long. Most of it was nice, like crossing the Tippecanoe River on a quiet back road.


For about 6 miles, though, the route followed IN 35 – it was busy, two-lane, with narrow shoulders – nerve-wracking.

At the entrance to beautiful Tippecanoe River State Park, I met Jake the Ranger who advised me to take the park road that parallels 35 for a couple of miles. That helped. Thanks, Jake.


I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich at the J&K Deli on 35 before turning west (yes!) on the Erie & Monterey Rail Trail. Smooth sailing for 9 miles to North Judson.



I got to see one of your larger jack-o-lanterns along the way. Treat!


And then, just as the sky began to drip a light drizzle, I arrived in North Judson. The town has a beautiful park and a rock gazebo with a memorial water fountain. One day I hope to be memorialized by a water fountain, too.


Not really. But a rock gazebo would be nice.

Peace, Love, and I Need Some Sleep,

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