Big Surprise

Third Quarter Moon

I had no idea what was in store for me today other than some road walking through rural Indiana and meeting Mitch Barloga at the end of my hike.

Mitch is the American Discovery Trail Coordinator for Northern Indiana and a talented landscape architect and planner. He designs trails and bike paths for this region and he mapped the ADT route here. He also helps ADT hikers and agreed to host me tonight at his home in Crown Point IN.

The hike today was unremarkable. It was cloudy and cold and flat through quiet farm country.


I did get to meet some new friends along the way. I think they wanted to come with me.


In Hebron IN, I ate a delicious breakfast at three in the afternooon at The Country Kitchen. For dessert, I had a slice of cherry pie a la mode, which was free of charge thanks to a friendly, generous waitress named Pamela. Ain’t she cute?


Mitch and his pal Jodie picked me up there and took me to nearby Crown Point. I learned a lot about the area from Jodie during the short ride. This whole corner of Indiana used to be a swamp before it was drained to create fertile farmland. One of these days the old railroad beds will get converted to trails and the ADT will be re-routed along them. That will be awesome.

In Crown Point I stashed Bobalooie in Mitch’s garage and we dashed off to a Mexican restaurant to meet Karen, Mitch’s sister, and Jerry, her fiancee. I easily ate my second meal in three hours while enjoying the fun company of these three smart young people.

Then came the Big Surprise. Mitch drove me to the nearby Indiana National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan. That lake is so huge! And the dunes/lakeshore have been nicely restored after years of abuse by steel mills. I had been missing the beach a lot lately, so seeing the water and sand dunes was a real pick me up. Cool! Thanks, Mitch!





I can’t believe my good fortune sometimes. This surprise visit to magnificent Lake Michigan made my day.

That and the cherry pie 🙂 Can’t forget that.

Peace and Love A La Mode,

5 thoughts on “Big Surprise

  1. Wow. What a treat that was! I’ve never been to the Great Lakes — the lakeshore looks the ocean shore. I can imagine how being there must have felt like being back on the west coast. Happy trails.

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