Perfect Timing

Waning Crescent Moon

Today I walked on the Erie Lackawanna Rail Trail from Crown Point IN to Highland IN. In the rain. Cool rain. Constant rain.

It wasn’t all that far – less than 12 miles – but the weather didn’t let me relax. I didn’t stop because I didn’t want to get cold and because I was going to meet my brother John at a gas station near the trailhead in Highland. I just floored it the whole way.

Before I left Crown Point, though, Mitch wanted me to see the old building downtown where the famous John Dillinger staged his wily escape way back when. The Johnny Depp movie”Public Enemies” was filmed here. This is my best Johnny Depp impression. Use your imagination.


Then it was time to suit up and take off, saying sayonara to Mitch at the trailhead he designed.



I walked through the little trail town of Griffith IN past a very welcoming mural.


An obvious sense of pride and history was displayed in Griffith.


After a succession of waterlogged snacks and daydreams, I came to the Ridge Road overpass and turned right off the trail to the corner gas station. That’s where brother John agreed to meet me at about 5:00 with his trusty Ford Escape.

As I pulled into the driveway, soaked to the bone, I looked at my watch. 4:00. Oh boy, I said to myself…I walked too fast and now I’m going to turn blue and freeze to death.

BUT, less than 30 seconds later, I heard this banging on window glass coming from the general direction of pump #3. I looked up to see old John Herman, aka Juan, aka Uno, one half of the dynamic Thick Boys duo of RAGBRAI fame, behind the wheel of said Escape.

Escape! Let’s get out of here! Insert Bobalooie in the back. Strip off wet outer layers. Dive into warm car. Make like a bread truck and haul buns. To the Valpo Super 8. Ahhhhh, hot shower!

Peace, Love, and Perfect Timing, Bro!

One thought on “Perfect Timing

  1. So this was 3 days ago! where are you now??? lets see some pics of the celebrated brother!!! Keep Dry sir….Cf


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