The Illinois & Michigan Canal Towpath

Waning Crescent Moon

I greatly enjoyed my mini-vacation with my brother John in Valparaiso IN. John and his son Hunter, who is in the burgeoning craft beer business, attended the Dark Lord Day festivities in Munster IN. Hunter flew home (poor guy had to go to w-o-r-k the next day) and John tracked me down on the trail.

Here’s a shot of John and Hunter doing the Dark Lord thing in rainy Munster. John was born with one broken antennae. Other than that, he’s pretty normal.


After sharing a lazy, restful day and a half of NBA playoffs and catching up with each other, John dropped me off within a 15 minute walk of the Illinois & Michigan Canal Towpath. What a nice trail!


I just drifted along for 22 miles today, soaking it in.



Today was animal day. There were horses.


There were snakes.


There were big geeses and baby geeses.


There were coyotes, too, but I was too slow on the draw to get my camera phone out to capture them.

These really nice ladies, Denise (left) and her Mom Virginia (right) stopped and said the best prayer for me, blessing my trip and asking for angels to walk with me. Yes!


Oh, and there were LOTS of turtles. Turtles must like canals. They were everywhere on the C&O Canal, too.


Thunderstorms are coming tonight and rain is forecast for all day tomorrow. But TODAY was just about perfect.

Peace, Love, and Angels,

2 thoughts on “The Illinois & Michigan Canal Towpath

  1. Jim you’ll be happy to know donations for REACH Across America are pouring in today with the one-day SiliconValley Gives event! Rest up & be well!

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