Waning Crescent Moon

When did you ever hear anyone say it was cold but it was a dry cold?

The polar jetstream decided to get right up in my face all day today. But at least it didn’t rain.

I left Morris IL at a reasonable hour but I got waylaid by bacon, eggs, and coffee a couple of blocks from the trail. Jessica Alba herself could have been standing at the trailhead wiggling and beckoning me hither and I still would have made a beeline for the Weitz Cafe. I am just wired like that.

Pam, manager of the Weitz Cafe (in bidness since 1925), made it worth my while. She gave me a souvenier coffee mug and posed for a snapshot by the company mural. Breakfast was even more perfect than Jessica Alba.


That Pam is a sweetie, ain’t she?

After that I passed through a town park by the canal with cool art and info.


And a wall sign. I also like wall signs.


Then there was a trail closure due to a bridge washout


After a little detour around to Gerhard State Park, I got back in the groove. The windy, chilly, but dry groove.



As I discovered yesterday, the snakes of Illinois are officially awake for the season. Not very scary, though. Just a biggo worm.


I didn’t really do much of anything after that except to endure the day. It’s hard to relax when the wind is blowing hard. The trail was still really cool, but it had an edge to it because of the weather. I liked this barn and this bridge, though.



And they don’t call it “The Prairie State” for nothing.


Toward the end of the day, the sky got weird, but thank goodness, it never did rain on me.


If I were you, I wouldn’t look at that sky photo for very long. It’s superweird.

I’m officially pooped this evening. I’m afraid that’s all folks.

Peace, Love, and Brrrr,

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