Peruvian Foot-rub

Waning Crescent Moon

I am in Peru IL and, thanks to the efforts of my good friend Robin back home in Hollister and good ole UPS, I have a new pair of hiking shoes. Restorative. Therapeutic. Massagerrific.

The I&M Canal Towpath has a breach in the section I intended to walk today. It has been closed for months between Buffalo State Park and Utica. From the pictures I saw in the paper, it wouldn’t be bad at all to cross the breach on foot. In fact, they decided to re-open the trail even though they don’t have the funds to fix it. But I can’t just toss Bobalooie on my back and wade through knee-high water and silt. So on to Plan 6.

I roadwalked US Hwy 6 W and made my way to the Super 8 Peru where my new best friend Cheryl handed over my Cinco de Mayo zapatos. Yay!

Now  I’m tired and footsore but happy. Today’s mileage makes this trip 965.7 miles and marks a personal best. Every day from here on out will extend the longest distance I have hiked on any one trip. Soon enough, I’ll hit 1,000 miles and be mighty pleased with that.

It really is about the journey.


Peace, Love, and Taco Bowls,

3 thoughts on “Peruvian Foot-rub

  1. Jim, it sounds like your journey continues to be exciting! What a wonderful way to see this great country & meet super people along the way!
    Just love your commentaries & pictures….my knee would never allow me to make such a trip, but I can do it thru you!!
    Thank you!

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