Twilight Nero

Waning Crescent Moon

YOU try to sleep with this wall art looking at you!


I really know how to pick these Rod Serling getaway motels. The bathtub is pink. The showerhead is chest high. The carpet induces vertigo. I love it.

I needed more rest but wanted to make some miles so I opted for a double nero – seven miles today and fifteen tomorrow. Saturday I should be in position to link up with the Hennipen Canal Trail for a few days – getting closer to crossing the Mississippi River at Rock Island IL. That will be awesome 🙂

Today was sprawling farm after sprawling farm. When does the corn start to grow?


Then came a cool little town called Ladd with a basketball hoop in every driveway and a nice patriotic park.


I could easily live in friendly Ladd IL. EVERYBODY waved at me.

I am going to have to get used to this guy, though.


Peace, Love, and a Nightcap,

6 thoughts on “Twilight Nero

  1. “…a basketball hoop in every driveway and a nice patriotic park.” AND a tank! Not sure I would want a tank in SBC, but glad everyone was friendly 😉


  2. Congradulations on your mileage marker Jim. It’s all up hill and down hill from there, so to speak. The corn has already sprouted an is well on its way here in Hollister, Ca.. Spring has sprung.

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