Blustery Day to Annawan

Waxing Crescent Moon

Today was dark, cold, and blustery for the second week of May. Luckily, I had a tailwind almost all the time.

Right off the bat I met John and Lori who live right on the canal between Wyanet and Sheffield IL. They are a very active couple who travel frequently all over the world. We had a nice time chatting about different places we have been and things we have done. Really cool folks.


I got to see a bald eagle overhead soaring in the wind. I lost my balance trying to snap a picture and almost missed it entirely. Bad photo of a great bird.


You can never have too many eagles. Everybody knows that.

The Hennipen Canal State Trail Visitors’ Center was closed on this Monday morning, but looking through the window, I could see they have a great display of the local birds. This place is a birder’s paradise. You should come here and check it out.


I thought for sure I was going to get wet today, but I managed to get all the way to Annawan without rain. Annawan IL is an ag town with 900 residents in Henry County. The chief mover and shaker in the tourist industry of this piece of Illinois is Cathy Foes. She is a leader of her community in many ways, including service on the local school board. Cathy and her friend Mark picked me up at the trailhead and took me into town where Cathy is hosting me for tonight.

Instead of stinking up western Illinois in a cold, clammy, tiny tent, I am clean, warm, well-fed and resting in the basement of the friendly Foes household. Talk about lucky! After a delicious steak dinner, we discussed trails and tourism for a solid hour. I was astounded to learn you can still buy a house in Henry County for under $50,000. Unbelievable!

Read about tourism in Henry County and Illinois.

Contact Cathy at the Henry County Tourism Bureau.

Despite the rather gloomy weather, this day turned out pretty darn good. I continue to meet the most interesting and generous people on this trip. I feel tremendously grateful.


Peace, Love, and a Happy Warm Nest,

One thought on “Blustery Day to Annawan

  1. The people you meet are definitely a blessing, Jim, but then you are a very nice guy with some pretty great stories yourself. Stay safe, and congratulations on passing the K-mile! val


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