Weather Mania

Waxing Crescent Moon

After yesterday’s cold wind and threat of rain, I dressed for more of the same today. But instead of the cold and windy motif, I got muggy and still.

I had to remove my glasses and hat and go with the bandana headband look to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Worked pretty good. Then I pulled my rain pants legs up over my knees to be cooler. You don’t HAVE to always look classy when you’re walking across America. Goofy is just fine.

Before I left, however, I had to check out Annawan’s Purple Onion Restaurant for breakfast. It was durn near perfect. I forgot to get a photo so I’ll use their Facebook header instead. Like and share. Insert animated slurp emoji here.


I only wanted to walk about 15 miles today so I can time my Mississippi River Crossing for Thursday afternoon. Hopefully all this mood swing weather mania will have passed and regular old Spring will hold court. Normal weather. That would be good.

The locks I passed by today on the Hennipen Canal Trail were much more scenic than the ones from the past two days. My impression was that the trail became prettier overall as I got closer to the town of Geneseo.




I really like this stretch – I was drawn to the shapes of several of the tallest trees.



It is just after 7 p.m. now and the sky is finally letting loose of some of that water – it’s raining HARD. Lucky for me the nice folks at the Geneseo Campground, right next to the trail near IL Hwy 82, gave me their ADT discount on “The Little Fort.” It’s a tiny barebones cabin with bunkbeds, a table, and a porch. Me and Bobalooie are as snug as bugs in a rug.

Peace and Love from The Little Fort,

5 thoughts on “Weather Mania

  1. The trail along the canal: Beautiful! I can just imagine the still, humid air…is it quiet or are there buzzing bug sounds?


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