Waxing Crescent Moon

Back by popular demand, I present to you “The Little Fort.”



Tomorrow I will cross the Mississippi River into Davenport IA. I am pumped up!

Peace, Love, and Westward Ho,

4 thoughts on “Fortito

  1. How excited you must be, anticipating the mighty Mississippi River tomorrow!! Hope to see it one day. Will you traverse it? Have you seen any fireflies? Have you enjoyed the night skies, or are you too exhausted at night? What an adventure.
    Happy trails.


  2. Yea! I see where you are on the map, Jim! OMG, what a mile stone. Crossing the Mississippi, can you imagine in a wagon train? Babalouie’s nothin’ compared to a Calistoga. It is really heartwarming to hear the joy you get from this trek. Being on a bike is way different than hoofing it. I hear that transformative experiences come by putting one foot in front of another. Walk safe, Val


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