Hoover Hears a Boo

Waxing Gibbous Moon

I didn’t have the energy to walk very far today. After a few hours on roads I was supposed to turn North and hunt for the Hoover Nature Trail again. My body rebelled, led by my heart and spirit.

North? Really? On a trail that isn’t very traily?

I opted for history class at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch IA. I ♡ Presidential Libraries.


Turns out Bert was a pretty cool dude. Orphaned as a youngster, he took a train West to Oregon to live with relatives. He worked hard and eventually earned a degree in Geology from Stanford.


His first major job was in Australia, where he supervised a gold mining operation that struck a vein which produced $65 million for his company. He made a small fortune in mining in China and around the world.

Later he became famous for humanitarian efforts to feed war victims overseas which led to a cabinet position and then to the presidency.

Then the Depression happened. Can’t win ’em all, y’all.

The Hoover Library and surrounding grounds are very well tended. I have a new respect for a President about whom I knew very little. Highly recommended!

This is where he started.


This is a statue of Isis given to him by the people of Belgium for his yeoman work in feeding their people after WW I.



I also stopped for lunch at a stylish little cafe –  “Reid’s Beans” – on the main drag in West Branch. It was good to eat some wholesome food, well-prepared and washed down with killer coffee. Again – highly recommended. West Branch is a very cool and generous place.

Oh! Almost forgot! As I was leaving the Library, I stopped to sign the guestbook and happened to read the previous entry. It was signed by Nora ________ from Gilroy CA (just 10 miles up the road from my hometown of San Juan Bautista!). Ain’t THAT a co-inky-dink?

Today turned into an unplanned, but necessary nero. I have to study the map and decide if I want to go 100 miles Northwest and then more than that Southwest to get to Des Moines. Or if I should simply walk West straight there on historic U.S. Highway 6.

Peace, Love, and Leaning 6,

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