Good Call

Waxing Gibbous Moon

I have learned to trust my instincts on long trips like this. I had a feeling that my choice to head West was going to be good. Yesiree.

Before I left Coralville I stopped at Trail’s End Bike and Triathlon Shop to get some advice on local trails and do a little fix-it on Bobalooie. Bob the owner was really helpful. He gave me a trail map and he had the right tools to remove the pesky front brake. It has never worked 100%, I don’t really need it, and it traps mud and debris. Not any more it doesn’t! Thanks, Bob 🙂

Trail’s End

I followed the Clear Creek Trail out of town and wow! It is nice!



It gets nicer the farther you go.



Eventually, I reached the end, but there was good shoulder on US 6 and the weather was perfect. When I got to Tiffen, a gentleman mowing the greenway stopped and we talked for a while. Then he gave me some meal money out of the blue and wished me luck. I had a great lunch in town and pushed on the rest of the way to the F. W. Kent County Park to camp.

The park ranger gave me a ride up the hill from the entrance to the campground like he always does for bicyclists. Greatly appreciated!

This place has one of those little libraries like the one I saw on the North Bend Rail Trail. I ♡ little libraries. I ♡ all libraries, actually.


Now I’m stretched out in my tiny tent listening to a steel drum concert. Some U of Iowa students are playing in the group campground around the corner and they are good! Cool way to end the day.

Peace, Love, and Trust Yourself,

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